Central Queens United Church

COVID Questionnaire

Due to our ever changing Covid19 outlook, the Covid19 committee of Central Queens United Church would like to poll our congregation on attitudes towards Covid19.
Our aim is to consider how to best move forward in a safe and fulfilling worship experience. We ask God to be ever present with you as you contemplate our future.

You can direct your questions or concerns to dykermanbernie@gmail.com or call (902) 626-6869.

The questionnaire is available for download in two formats: PDF and Word.
Download PDF document.      Download Word document.

Please send your response to dykermanbernie@gmail.com.

Copies of the questionnaire are also available in the sanctuary of the church. There is a box there for dropping off completed questionnaires.

Please respond by Sunday, May 15th.

1. As masking restrictions are lifting would you be most comfortable:

  1. without masking
  2. with masks remaining
  3. masking when singing


2. Choir:

  1. 12' away without masking
  2. 12' away masking
  3. no choir at this time


3. Choir members:

  1. no masks
  2. social distancing among choir members


4. Sunday School:

  1. no Sunday School at this time
  2. with masks
  3. without masking
  4. without cohorts